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With some simple diagnosing and maintenance procedures, you can have your Espar Heater running like brand new!

It's never too early to think about preparing your Espar Heater for the up and coming heating season. Most heater issues are due to lack of some very simple preventative maintenance procedures.

You have probably seen it before: You turn on your Espar, you hear the fan, then the fuel metering pump. So far, so good, right? Then the heater starts smoking out the exhaust and does not light, or maybe it waits until the second cycle to light.  This is usually a heater that has a carbonized glow plug/glow pin screen.  The glow plug/pin vent hole may also be block. It is also possible the glow pin or plug is less than 100%.

There is a simple cure for this ailing Espar. Depending on your heater model, you may need a glow pin removal tool to remove the glow pin (Airtronic D2 and B/D4). After the pin/plug is removed, remove the mesh glow pin/ plug screen and ensure the glow plug /glow pin vent hole is open.  Replace the glow pin/plug screen with a new one and inspect the plug or pin and replace as necessary. Replacing the pin or plug with new is never a bad idea.  You can always have the spare in your tool kit in case of emergency.  Click Here for free tips and parts/maintenance and troubleshooting manuals.

Did you ever put something away for the season working perfectly only to bring it back out not working so perfectly?  One quick tip - Run your Espar at least 20 minutes each month.  You will be surprised how well your Espar will work when you really need it!

If this does not cure you ailing Espar, the next step may be to consider purchasing a fault code retrieval device.  This device will read the stored fault codes in the heaters electronic control unit.  It will also "unlock" and clear a heater that has had too many overheats or too many attempted starts.

Recommended Periodic Maintenance

  • Remove the glow pin and inspect for carbon build up. Clean or replace.
  • Remove the glow pin screen and inspect for carbon build up. Replace.
  • Make sure vent hole is not clogged.
  • Inspect the ducting, the air intake screen and air outlet for restriction or blockage.
  • Inspect combustion air intake and exhaust for blockage.
  • Operate your heater for a minimum of 20 minutes each month.
  • Maintain your batteries and all electrical connections in good condition. With insufficient power the heater will not start. Low and high voltage cutouts will shut the heater down automatically.
  • Use fuel suitable for the climate (see fuel supplier recommendations). Blending used engine oil with diesel fuel is not permitted.
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