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Espar D8LC 12V
Espar D8LC 12V
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Available end of Dec 2022 early Jan 2023 - place order now for best deivery

Powerful 12V 27,300 BTU Diesel fueled Air Heater. Used in Marine Heat, Cargo Heat and beverage trailer heat applications. The heater includes the following items: Control Unit, Fuel Pump, Rheostat Switch, External Temp. Sensor, Combustin Air Tube, Shck Mounts, Mounting Bracket (Lg) and Mounting Bracket (Sm). 

The D8LC is a replacement for the old D7L heater and will require a new wiring harness P/N: 20.2900.70.0802 (20ft) or 20.2900.70.0803 (35ft). 

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