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Espar D8LC 24V
Espar D8LC 24V
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Powerful 24V - 27,300 BTU Diesel fueled Air Heater. Used in Marine Heat, Cargo Heat and beverage trailer heat applications. The heater includes the following items: Control Unit, Fuel Pump, Rheostat Switch, External Temp. Sensor, Combustin Air Tube, Shck Mounts, Mounting Bracket (Lg) and Mounting Bracket (Sm). 

The D8LC is a replacement for the old D7L heater and will require a new wiring harness P/N: 20.2900.70.0802 (20ft) or 20.2900.70.0803 (35ft). 

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Control Unit - D4 (24v)

Control Unit - D4 (24v)

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