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EasyStart Pro
EasyStart Pro
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  • New for 2019!

EASYSTART PRO - THE INTELLIGENT PERMANENTLY INSTALLED CONTROL UNITThe new permanently installed EastStart Pro control unit is based on Eberspaecher CAN bus communication and is designed for the new Airtronic S2/M2 heater generations as well the new generation S3 hydronic heater.  In addition to a timer function, the new control unit is equipped with many new product features such as:

  • Intuitive navigation with control knob
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Up to two heaters can be operated separately, or two identical heaters (Airtronic or Hydronic) can be operated as a group.
  • Simple diagnostics function in text form for users
  • integrated residual-heat function for hydronic heaters. Efficient heating mode by using the engines residual heat.
  • Altitude mode can be activated manually above 1500 meters (Hydronic S3 Economy).
  • Endless heater operating time can be set.
  • Menu navigation available in 25 other languages in addition to English and German (from Q42018 EasyScan)

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