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Diesel Fuel operated, 12 V 5KW/17,000 btu coolant/engine preheater.  The Espar is capable of raising engine coolant temp 100 deg above ambient temperature in approximately 1 hour.  Rugged and reliable, this heater has a 2 yr/2000 warranty.  Use in applications from class 3-8 trucks, cars, construction equipment, off road equipment and pretty much anything you can think of.  If it has fuel and a 12V battery, the Hydronic 5 can be used.

  • Gen 1 Hydronic 5 engine pre-heater with installation kit. 
  • 5KW / 17,000 btu output
  • Diesel fuel operated
  • Controller/timer required - see multi-max timer pn 20.2800.70.1600 or 22.1000.34.1500 EasyStart timer

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NEW! Espar Airtronic M2-D4L Commercial

NEW! Espar Airtronic M2-D4L Commercial

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