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Printed circuit board   $194.90
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Printed circuit board

This printed circuit board is usd on all 24 Volt B5L/D5L/B5LC/D5LC heaters

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Control unit - D7W   $563.82
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Control unit - D7W

This control unit is used on the 25.1807.05 - D7W - 12V heater only. It will not work with the older 25.1666.01 models
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Circuit Board   $196.97
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Circuit Board

This circuit board is used on the D3LC models. It does not fit the older D3L or newer D3LCC, only the D3LC
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Control switch - rheostat 12v (Rplc's 25.1767.71.0000)   $107.82
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Control switch - rheostat 12v (Rplc's 25.1767.71.0000)

This rheostat control is used with the older D1LC heater - 12V

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External temp sensor   $121.31
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External temp sensor

This external temp sensor is used in conjunction with the Espar D8LC heater and rheostat control. Mount the ext. temp sensor in the area where you want to monitor the room temperature

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Seal, overheat safety switch   $3.33
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Seal, overheat safety switch

This seal is used between the heat exchanger casing and the thermal safety cut out switch (overheat switch) on the D7W.
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Temperature sensor   $37.34
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Temperature sensor

This temperature sensor threads into the outer casing of the heater and monitors coolant temp. Use caution when removing. Sometimes sensor is difficult to remove.
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